Too Faced “Boudoir Eyes” Eyeshadow Palette

This week I had no idea what product type I wanted to review. My solution was to write down several, put them in a bowl, and pick one. The lucky winner was eyeshadow! I’m trying to have a balance of drugstore and high-end product reviews and I felt like this week I should review a drugstore one. Unfortunately (but also fortunately, depends on how you look at it) I don’t currently own any drugstore eyeshadows that you can purchase right now. All of mine have been discontinued and I don’t feel like I should review something if you can’t purchase it. With that being said, if you know any good drugstore eyeshadows I should try then let me know please!
The eyeshadow palette I chose to review is one that can travel easily and works great for day to night looks. The Too Faced “Boudoir Eyes” palette contains 9 shades that complement each other in a tin case with a magnetic close. There’s a mirror included (which helps with the travel aspect) and it comes with a little booklet that gives you a few ideas you can try yourself. This palette is cool toned, which means it works really well with fair skin types, but I also think it would be pretty with warm toned (tan) skin. I will be testing this out as soon as I can on one of my tan friends and will update this post then!
The layout of the eyeshadows makes it easy for anyone to use, regardless of how comfortable (or not) you are with makeup. The colors are organized in 3 rows of 3 shadows. They are labeled “Day,” “Classic,” and “Fashion.” The first row, “Day,” contains a primary base shade that is a cream color with a matte finish and it’s called, “In The Buff.” The second shade of that row, “Fuzzy Handcuffs,” is a mauvey-pink tone, also in a matte finish. This color is ideal for using in your crease as a transition shade and is probably my favorite in the palette. The last shade of the “Day” row is a semi-matte purple, “Voulez-Vous.” I’m not a big fan of this one, because when I swatch it, the purple seems to show up as a light brown and not so much a purple.
The second row, “Classic,” has my favorite primary base shade. It’s a beautiful rose-gold color with a shimmer finish, named “Satin Sheets,” and as you can probably tell by now all of the names picked for the shadows follow the overall boudoir theme. The next color in that row is “Sugar Walls,” and it looks like a shimmery light brown color in the tin but it swatches on me more of a shimmery peachy-gold. This is actually a really pretty color to put in the very center of your lid or the inner corner of your eye as a highlight. The last shade in the row is one that I find myself using quite a bit and it is called “Garter Belt.” It’s a matte gray color and is perfect for a subtle smoky eye or for blending out a black to create a heavier smoky eye.
The last row of the palette, “Fashion,” starts out with “Birthday Suit” as the primary base color. Just like the name suggests, it’s a nude/light brown color with a shimmer finish. Unfortunately this palette doesn’t have a lot of matte shades, which I tend to prefer. Although, I feel like in general, shadows with a shimmer finish tend to be easier to blend out, which helps make this palette great for any skill level. The shadow intended for the crease in the “Fashion” row is called “Lap Dance” and it’s a more coppery brown color with, again, a shimmer finish. This color goes really well with the base shade of the “Classic” row, “Satin Sheets,” to create a really natural, shimmery look. The last shade of the row and the last shade of the palette, is my least favorite color in the tin. “French Tickler” is a black color with gold reflects. It looks so beautiful in the tin but it was so disappointing to swatch it. The overall texture of the shadow is chunky (unlike all the other colors which are really smooth and creamy) and that causes the pigment to not be consistent and makes it harder to blend evenly.
As I mentioned earlier, this palette has the perfect colors for transitioning from a natural daytime look to a smoky night look, and is super easy to use. You can follow the row of eyeshadows if you want or you can do as I do and just pick some of your favorites to create your look.
You can purchase this eyeshadow palette at, or for $36.00 at all sites.


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