Benefit Cosmetics Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer

Just like the name states, this stuff is industrial strength. Definitely not a product I use on a daily basis. I just use this stuff to cover up any stubborn blemishes (acne, visible dark spots or scratches, etc.) It’s too heavy and paste like for under the eyes in my opinion. It doesn’t blend out very well either but if you are using an industrial strength concealer then you don’t really want to blend it out, you want it to stay where you put it. This concealer has a matte finish so it’s perfect to cover up any pimples (or whatever else you need it to) that normal concealers can’t. It only comes in 5 shades and honestly the lightest one is still a bit dark for me so I always apply it under my foundation then use my Covergirl Ready,Set Gorgeous Concealer ( which I have also reviewed,so go check it out) on top to lighten it up and blend it with my skin tone better. The easiest way I have found to apply this product is with my fingers. Any sort of brushes or sponges seem to move the product from where I initially placed it, causing it to be ineffective. Even though I don’t use this product very often, it’s still something that I make sure I always have in my makeup bag for emergencies, and have repurchased several times as well.

I wear shade 01-light

You can purchase this at (2.8g) for $20, or  (3.0g) for $20 as well


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