L’oreal Pro-Matte Infallible Foundation

I discovered this when I was looking for a drugstore foundation that would compare to a more high end foundation (think: Kat Von D or Urban decay). I was looking for something that would be full coverage and would last all day. This was the best option I came across. The packaging claims that it lasts up to the 24 hours, has a semi-matte finish, medium coverage, and an “air-light” texture. Honestly I’ve worn this for at least a 12 hour work-day and I was pretty impressed. ( I paired it with the Kat Von D  Lock-it Primer, and the Kat Von D Lock-it Translucent Setting Powder. Reviews to come for both of those). If you’ve never worn a foundation from a higher end brand then I would consider this a full coverage foundation. It’s really easy to build this product up and to add more without it feeling too heavy or looking too overdone. As the package says, the finish is semi-matte. This means that it won’t have any shimmer and it will appear mostly flat with a little satiny shine (not oily looking; its very pretty actually). Because this is a semi-matte product, I would go in with a primer first, especially if you are on the more dry side. Another thing to keep in mind, if you have ANY dry patches of skin AT ALL, this will cling to them and emphasize them. Just a little heads up. On the other side, if you have oily skin, the package claims it has oil-control. Since I don’t have oily skin I can’t tell you how well that works though. (If your skin type is oily and you’ve tried this before, let me know how it worked!) Again, this foundation never felt heavy to me. If you aren’t used to wearing a lot of makeup, there’s a possibility it may feel heavy on you, but it is definitely a good starting point if you were wanting to transition to a more full coverage foundation.

I purchased mine in the shade “101-Classic Ivory”

You can purchase this at Walmart (1.0 fl oz) for $10.97, or Target (1.0 fl oz) for $10.97 or http://www.lorealparisusa.com ( fl oz unknown) for $12.99 


One thought on “L’oreal Pro-Matte Infallible Foundation

  1. Thank you for doing this review!! I think this will be the next foundation I buy! I’m currently using a cover girl foundation and I liked it at first but I’m falling out of love- not enough coverage. ☹️ The one mentioned above sounds like what I need! Thanks Shanna! 😁

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