Ipsy Review- Feb. ’17

Hey Everyone!

So as you can tell by the title this is a review of some of the products I got in my February Ipsy bag. If you don’t know what Ipsy is, then let me help. You pay $10 per month, for a makeup bag with 5 samples/products. You get to create a beauty profile of sorts by answering some questions about your appearance and your health and beauty preferences (makeup, hair products, skincare, nail polish,etc.), and they use this to pick the best samples or products for you. The above picture are the products I received in mine. If you have tried any of these, let me know what you liked or disliked about them! ALSO! I have not been paid to talk about any of these products and everything is my personal opinion.

Now on to the reviewing! (Note:The only brand I have previously used is NYX. I have several of their lipsticks and LOVE them.)


Brand: The Organic Pharmacy

What it is: Lip and Eye Cream (sample; 0.35 fl oz)

 My Thoughts: Honestly I’ve only tried it on my lips and I’m not the biggest fan. I have an eye cream that I use already, once I’m out of that I may give this a try, so until then this is something I will not use very often. It initially felt good on my lips but it also seemed to dry them out more. Of course this may not be the case for everyone! Some stuff that doesn’t work for me may work for you.

A fullsize (10ml) bottle can be purchased for $48 at http://www.theorganicpharmacy.com


Brand: Kensie

What it is: Fragrance sample (0.3 fl oz)

My Thoughts: This scent is sweet and kind of florally and kind of fruity (the description says it’s top notes are peach, mandarin, floral rose and jasmine). Overall I like it and it’s something that I’m going to wear. If you know me then you know I despise the smell of peaches, but I couldn’t even tell there was any in this until I read the description, so yay!  I usually stick with floral scents so this one is right up my alley. Also it’s in a tiny little spray bottle when I expected it to be a roller because of its size, so that was a nice surprise as well.

You can purchase a travel (10ml) for $18 or a fullsize (1.7 oz) for $45 at http://www.kensiefragrance.com


Brand: NYX Cosmetics

What it is: Butter Lipstick in the shade “Ripe Berry” (fullsize; 4.6g)

My Thoughts: As I mentioned above I’ve used NYX lipsticks before and have always loved them. This one is no different, although I haven’t used the Butter Lipsticks before. It threw me for a loop when I first put it on because it applies similarly to a lip balm and wipes off very easily. I quickly discovered you have to let it dry for a bit (seems obvious now). The color payoff is nice and it’s not super drying (It is a little bit, but that may be because my lips are SUPER chapped. Thanks for nothing weather.) When it’s all said and done the lipstick resembles a lipstain in its appearance on your lips and it even feels like one. (If all this different lipstick terminology is confusing, let me know and I can make a post explaining the differences). Unfortunately I haven’t been able to test out the longevity of the lipstick or how well it holds up to food and drink  but since I got it in my Ipsy bag, I’ll probably end up buying some different colors to see how they all compare to each other and I can do a follow up post. Sound good? Good.

Can be purchased for $6 at http://www.nyxcosmetics.com


Brand: Elizabeth Mott

What it is: Matte Bronzer in the shade “Whatup Beaches” (sample; 0.7g)

My Thoughts: This is a really nice, smooth, creamy formula with no shimmer or reflects (aka. matte). In theory this color should be perfect for me (I’m super vampire white in case you didn’t know), but it’s almost too orange. In the sample package it looks like it has a gray tint to it ( so it’s better for cool toned skin, which is what I am) but then it shows up with an orange tint on me. It would be perfect for most people as it’s a subtle shade and really most people aren’t quite as pale as me so it shouldn’t translate orange-ish on you if you wanted to try it out. It blends very nicely and has awesome pigmentation I just wish the color was better on me! If you have tried it out def. let me know how you liked it!

You can purchase a fullsize (8g) for $25 at http://www.elizabethmott.com


Brand: Luxie

What it is: Rose gold makeup brush #514; Blush

My Thoughts: Initially, I didn’t think I would use this brush very often. The shape is not something I usually go for, but the bristles are super soft and are actually really great for picking up product and transferring it evenly and then blending it out. The brush is apparently supposed to be used for blush ( judging by the name of the brush), but I used it for bronzer instead.The handle has a bit of a spring to it, which I’m assuming allows for more flexibility in your movements to create a more flawless and even appearance when applying your makeup. I’ll probably be using this brush in the future, much to my surprise.


*Updated 1/10/18: I never really used the lip and eye cream. I used ALL of the Kenzie perfume sample and always received compliments when I wore it, still need to repurchase it. The lipstick and bronzer both got overshadowed by other products I discovered in 2017. I LOVE the Luxie brush!! It is my go-to brush for applying blush!

You can purchase this brush for $18 at http://www.luxiebeauty.com


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