Benefit Cosmetics-“CORALista” blush

This is one of the very first non-drugstore makeup products I have owned. Which means I have consistently repurchased this blush for at least 10 years. Even I have a hard time believing that, but it’s true. If I remember correctly my mom took me to a Sephora for the first time (which looking back may have been a huge mistake) around 9th grade. I got a makeover and this was the blush the lady put on me and we lived happily ever after, the end. But for real. This is my go to blush because I’m very familiar with the color pay-off and the blend-ability. It has a nice creamy formula but it is a powder. The color is, can you guess it, coral! A great shade for any one with pale skin, but I’ve also put this on my more tan friends and I feel like it just looks super natural on anyone. It has a slight satiny pearl finish which is great for the spring/summer time. I’ve never tried any other Benefit Cosmetics blushes either, so I don’t know how consistent they are with their formulas.

You can purchase this at Sephora (.28oz) for $29, *Ulta (.28oz) for $23.20, and (.28oz) for $29 

*Ulta’s prices may vary. 


Also fun tidbit of information I just discovered while checking prices, Benefit Cosmetics has a CORALista sheer lipgloss available for $16 and one day I will try it.


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